Winners Page - Golf in the Foothills

P3 indicates groups playing at the Par 3, FH indicates groups at the Foothills & LB indicates groups at Las Barrancas

LB Silver Men 09/19/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, John Cullen, Brian Healy
                                              Net-Lee Estes, Ron Gapp, Al Smith
LB Copper Men 09/21/2017:  Gross-
LB Silver Men 09/12/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, Brian Healy, John Cullen
                                              Net-Frankie Allen, Jack Joseph, Ron Gapp
                     Team-George Christopher, Conrad Eisenach, Jack Joseph, Troy Reichert (123)
LB Copper Men 09/14/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, Brian Healy, Lee Estes
                                                  Net-Mark Park, Rollie Harris, George Christopher
                     Team-Mark Park, Ed Fries, Troy Reichert, Jack Henson (128)

LB Silver Men 09/05/2017:  Gross-Lee Estes, Brian Healy, George Christopher
                                              Net-Bill Taylor, Frankie Allen, Tom Blose
LB Copper Men 09/07/2017:  Gross-John Cullen, Brian Healy, Carl Fritz
                                                  Net-Goerge Christopher, Bill Taylor, Larry Nicholson

LB Silver Men 08/29/2017:  Gross-Brian Healy, Mark Hammons
                                              Net-George Christopher, Lee Estes
LB Copper Men 08/31/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, George Christopher
                                                  Net-Larry Villa, Al Pittman

LB Silver Men 08/22/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, Brian Healy, John Cullen
                                              Net-George Christopher, Bob Selle, Wayne Fisher
LB Copper Men 08/24/2017:  Gross-Brian Healy, Tony Solina
                                                  Net-George Christopher, Wayne Fisher

LB Silver Men 08/15/2017:  Gross-Brian Healy, Troy Reichert, Bill Taylor
                                              Net-Bob Selle, Wayne Fisher, George Christopher
LB Copper Men 08/17/2017:  Gross-Tony Solina, John Cullen, Brian Healy
                                                  Net-George Christopher, Wayne Fisher, Larry Nicholson

LB Silver Men 08/08/2017:  Gross-Brian Healy, John Cullen, Bill Taylor
                                              Net-George Christopher, Al Smith, Jack Joseph
LB Copper Men 08/10/2017:  Gross-Bill Taylor, Mark Hammons, Brian Healy
                                                  Net-Lee Estes, Tom Forcier, Wayne Fisher

LB Silver Men 08/01/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, Brian Healy, John Cullen
                                              Net-Bob Selle, George Christopher, Larry Garrett
LB Copper Men 08/03/2017:  Gross-Troy Reichert, Brian Healy, Tony Solina
                                                  Net-Lee Estes, Fred Okerholm, Bill Taylor